J.R. Fondessy

                       J.R. FONDESSY


D.O.B. 08/23/00      Height: 5'3”           Weight: 98lbs.            Hair: Brown            Eyes: Blue



Moving On                              Will Jr. (Principal)                                     ISN Productions

The Three Stooges               Orphan #1 (Principal)                             20th Century Fox/Farrelly Brothers

On The Edge                         Matt (Principal)                                          Arrowhead Productions                                                                       

Billy’s Angel                            Billy Spencer (Principal)                          ISN Films/Matt Metz

Men Of This Life                  Young Anthony (Principal)                     Full Sail Films  


Army Wives                             (Guest-Star)                                            LifeTime/Chris Peppe

         Episode “Viral”


Friendly’s Restaurants            Hero Boy                                            Mount Vernon Productions

Flavor Wave infomercial         Son                                                      Convergence                        


Moving On                             Vocalist, I'll Go Now (title song)      GW1 Productions/Next Level Studios
Too Good For That             Original Song  (music video)              Next Level Studios

The Three Stooges               Vocalist                                                     20th Century Fox/Farrelly Brothers

Billy’s Angel                            Vocalist,  Only Imagine (title song)   ISN Films/Matt Metz

Last Summer                         Original song (music video)                 GW1/ISN Productions

Jail House Rock                     Lead vocal (music video)                     Gerry Williams/Lars Brown

Blue Ribbon Beans               Vocalist (commercial jingle)                Howard Kleinfeld                                                                        


Brighthouse Networks          Son      (multi market)                                    Fry/Hammond/Barr

Disney                                         Announcer       (park exhibit)                       Disney Studios

Munson’s Chocolates             Announcer                                                        Massive Productions

Walmart                                     Son (in store ads)

WeatherWise E-learning       Host   (internet)                                               Underwood Productions



Carol Golwasser                     Cold reading skills                             LA

Tess Kirsch                               Private Acting coach                        LA

Harriet Greenspan                  Cold reading skills                           LA

DiDi DeStefano                      Private Acting Coach                     LA

Kevin O'Neil                            Private Acting coach                        Orlando

Jason LaPadura                      Film & television                               LA

Jeff Dockweiler                       Private Coach                                     LA

Kia Riddick-Taylor                Scene study & commercial            Orlando

Phil DeChamplain                 Improv                                                  LA

Karen Storms                         Scene study                                           LA

Marjorie Morhaim                Private Coach                                     Miami

Gerry Williams                       Vocal Coach/Producer                    Orlando

SKILLS     Professional VOICE OVER Talent, live and studio SINGER, Basketball,   Dance, Fencing, Fishing, Roller blading, Skate boarding,    swimming, Great with Animals                                                     

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